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Website redesign

I Am Williams

Created in 2005 by Williams College in response to a campus racial incident, the I Am Williams project was originally an exhibition meant to convey the college’s inclusivity through expressions of individual identity — the striking black-and-white posters are featured still in campus buildings. The original website was a natural outgrowth of the exhibition, but its presence had gotten stale, and it was commonly misperceived as a PR piece. During the redesign, I aimed to recapture the original spirit of the project while completely rethinking its presence on the web, and positioning it as an evolving, ongoing project. I introduced several major changes, including the use of original color photos, custom head shots and details, and a system of hand-selected editorial categories and tags to encourage exploration. The new site tells the distinctive individual stories of the Williams family and at the same time presents the diversity of the community as a whole.


Strategy, Information Architecture, User Interface & Visual Design, HTML & CSS


Launched Spring 2013

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